Power PR Client Testimonials

Dive into the authentic experiences of our valued clients at Power PR. We're proud to share these firsthand accounts, where you'll see how we've helped businesses like yours transform their companies. Each testimonial echoes our commitment to excellence, reflecting our consistent delivery of high-quality service and results. Let their stories inspire your journey with us.

Merrick Alpert EonCoat

The prospective customer had not only read the article, but also really internalized the benefits of the product that were reflected in the article.

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Eric Rosenthal

Magnet Paint

The secret to gaining marketshare from an entrenched business competitor is to get your carefully crafted and positioned message to large numbers of the right people. Seeing your product or company over and over in multiple places gets people talking. That’s what PR, plus targeted advertising does. I get calls from people saying, ‘I see you everywhere, so I finally decided to call you.

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Bill Marsh


Using this approach, Marsh says PVA TePla has experienced an increase in total equipment job bids quoted from approximately $12 million a year to $32 million in 2018. Marsh attributes the increase to the combined 80+ articles
published by Power PR.

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Sheryl McGuire

Controls International

“I am excited! Thanks for including me in the copy care. I will be summarizing the articles and magazine information. We have started a binder with the articles in chronological order. I will also be responsible for keeping track of orders received through this marketing media!! Another thing we are in the process of is making a special Newsworthy/Articles page on our website that should be available in about 3 weeks.

Thanks for doing a great job for us. This marketing concept is the way to go!!!”

Steve Johnson | Marketing Director

DPI Labs

“Power PR is dynamic and diligent niche firm that specializes in generating leads and business opportunities for their clients. They have shown a consistent ability to place within industry-respected publications various high-quality, detailed articles about our products and services. The result has been our exposure into the minds of prospects and customers–hundreds if not thousands of major decision-makers interested in our products. And I am very impressed and grateful that Power PR’s staff achieves this consistency with the sincerity, wholesomeness, and professionalism with which I prefer to work.

Power PR can deliver to your organization an audience exposure that is more cost-effective and credible than advertising. They also free you of the burden of attempting to conduct a public relations campaign on your own. It is up to you to integrate your marketing and sales campaign with Power PR’s publicity generation.

But, Power PR can certainly launch all kinds of opportunity for leads and strengthening of credibility with your target audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Power PR to any company or organization with a product or service worthy of positive media exposure.”

Doug Commette

Gusmer Corporation

“We appreciate what you are doing for Gusmer Corporation. Our first press release on the Mobile Spray Rig has already published in over 20 magazines and I know we have another 15 or more scheduled for the future. I am extremely impressed by the quality of the press release and the amount of ink it is generating.

I was speaking to one of the salesman recently and he told me that the phone was ringing off the hook and that a lot of the responses were coming from articles that they knew were only from your efforts.

Keep up the good work.”

Jerry Kerr, Director of Marketing and Web Development

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. (LEC) | Boulder, Colorado

“LEC’s technology is not fully understood or instantly obvious. We tried doing our own news releases but ended up with iffy results. I can’t really attribute any sales to those efforts at all. We did a direct mail campaign as well, but it never was too successful.

The presentation from John Elliott at Power PR about performance-based publicity really spoke to me. It was better than anything else I had seen. I thought, ‘Now here’s a way we can really tell our story.’

The articles definitely generate quality sales leads. Our salesmen have gone out on more calls and we are getting a lot of good comments about the articles.”