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About Power PR

Our founder, John Elliott seldom went with the flow. For the past twenty seven years, he led this product publicity firm into a whole new realm of public relations, in fact a whole new category of public relations, called Performance-Based Publicity which drives word-of-mouth results. Elliott, not your typical PR man, mild-mannered and soft-spoken, yet the architect of one of the most significant methodological changes to affect the public relations industry in years. Namely, guaranteed published stories, month-to-month contracts, razor-sharp marketing strategy capabilities, and an unusual performance/statistics-driven account management team set-up. Their manufacturing and technology clients are loving it, getting more bang for their PR-buck than they have seen in a long time, if ever.

“Performance-Based Publicity can bring a company from non-existence into national prominence in a matter of days,” said Elliott. “It can educate prospects about a complex product at a fraction of the cost of display advertising. It can establish credibility for a company and its products like no other marketing tool.”

“Results like a potential customer walking into a meeting with a trade magazine open to a feature article saying this is why we contacted you, this is why we are here, is not uncommon.” according to Elliott, when using Performance-Based Publicity. “One client had 600% sales growth in two years” said Elliott. “We guarantee a client 5 stories a month, with statistics like these we have no problem meeting that quota. Clients clearly see there are real benefits to our Performance-Based Publicity over traditional ‘unsecured’ PR.”

In the development of Performance-Based Publicity, Power PR has basically stripped public relations activity to its bare bones and rebuilt it based on the fundamentals of sound product marketing techniques, including classic market research, competitive analysis, and strategic positioning. This allows the firm to provide superb strategic marketing capability for its clients, and to develop stories with a high level of acceptance by both the client’s targeted audiences and publication editors.

In 1992, Jeff Elliott his son joined him at his request. While at Power PR he used his writing skills to prepare over a thousand press releases covering a broad spectrum of subjects. He also proved himself a successful Media Relations Specialist with thousands of published articles to his credit. Shortly thereafter, Jeff pioneered a new Account Manager program where he successfully managed multiple clients. In 1997, Jeff was awarded part-ownership in the company. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to President, and successfully oversees the entire service delivery. He has been instrumental in taking Mr. Elliott’s vision and bringing it to a reality while maintaining its high standard of excellence.

His son engineered quite a different way to work with editors and publications, communicating with and interesting them directly in the story being presented, one-on-one. This, by the way, is completely different from the traditional shotgun method, which is comparatively less effective, but used by PR firms consistently. In doing so, editors are more willing to facilitate the story into the publication’s editorial format. Consequently, the stories tend to be more comprehensive and better positioned for that particular audience. His son focused on feature articles telling the story of our clients while educating their prospects. We found that our ability to first decipher the technical nuances of our clients, come up to speed quickly while combining our journalistic experience with a satisfaction of the editors needs gave us an unparalleled ability to write multi-page feature articles and get the published consistently for our clients.

Finally, Power PR’s Performance-Based Publicity mandates an unprecedented project management team, each member of which is fully accountable for the success of the client’s account. This team encompasses the hands-on marketing, media, creative and account management personnel, as well as senior-level account supervisors, who use daily production targeting and statistical management to maintain optimum production for their clients. It also ensures that clients receive continual communication on their project. Although Power PR takes a leading role in developing the PR strategies for their clients, a necessary component of Performance-Based Publicity is to maintain a high level of input from their clients, and to be available for their clients whenever necessary.

Every aspect of our program is engineered to generate results for our clients. We have continued to scour the industry for other elements that could be added to improve our clients results along the way. In the last two years we have added a direct lead generation program which uses the same successful pieces of our article programs and implements them in a unique way that drives in additional leads for our clients.

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Management Team

Jeff Elliott

Jeff Elliott

Jeff Elliott graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 1992, receiving a degree in Communications. In 1995 he joined the Power PR team at the request of his father and founder of Power PR, John W. Elliott. While at Power PR he used his writing skills to prepare over 100 press releases covering a broad spectrum of subjects.He also proved himself a successful Media Relations Specialist with over 200 published articles to his credit. Shortly thereafter, Jeff pioneered a new Account Manager program where he successfully managed multiple accounts, including many of Power PR’s longest running clients.

In 1997, Jeff was awarded part-ownership in the company. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to Chief of Operations, where he oversees the entire service delivery division. Today, Jeff has also assumed the responsibility of company-wide quality control. In this role, he has been instrumental in establishing the current company organization and for maintaining its high standard of excellence.

Heather Metcalfe

Heather Metcalfe

Heather Metcalfe was raised in the PR industry, making her first appearance at age two in the Honolulu Advertiser with her mother and brothers, who were visiting the local library because their father had thrown out the television in favor of book-based education.As the child of a father with a talent for getting articles published, Heather was well schooled in the art of Public Relations. She began working after school and summers at Power Marketing (Power PR’s former incarnation) in 1992, and was determined to learn the PR business. In January 1995, Heather became a partner and was assigned increasingly responsible positions as the company expanded, including Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She also assists in the sales and marketing department. Heather has worn every hat in the organization at one time or another, and she is determined to work wherever needed to help the company grow.