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Address 20521 Earl St. Torrance, CA 90503
Phone 310-787-1940
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Multi-Page Feature Articles Building Brands Generating Qualified Leads and Sales

We will get you so many qualified leads that your sales will go up and your “cost-of-sales” will go down.

Our full marketing publicity program includes:

  • An aggressive, national print campaign

The art of getting favorable news articles and feature stories published about your products – in quantity. Power PR aggressively calls all the appropriate publications in your target market to generate a large volume of print published over time.

  • Feature articles, customer testimonials, and press releases that incorporate third party endorsements from your customers and industry experts

Power PR employs a highly trained staff of high-tech journalists and technical writers with backgrounds in such fields as computer technology (hardware and software) networking, electronics, medicine, engineering, manufacturing, and education. Each of our writers is trained in soliciting – and getting – quality customer and industry expert testimonials to be used throughout each article we write.

  • One-on-one phone conversations with editors

Instead of using a traditional “shotgun” approach that lands thousands of unsolicited press releases in a publication’s round file, Power PR’s experienced Media Relations Specialists personally contact each editor to discuss the submission. Once the editor has expressed an interest in the press release, the Media Relations Specialist submits the material and then follows up with additional phone calls and information until the editor verbally commits to use the piece. In our experience, this results in a much larger number of published articles than a mass fax with no follow up.

  • A five article per month minimum guarantee (60 articles per year)

Based on a belief that the public relations industry is often not held accountable for concrete results, Power PR is the only firm in the nation that guarantees a minimum of five published articles per month. It should be noted that we often exceed this guarantee for our clients.

  • Month-to-month contracts

Simply put, month-to-month contracts keep Power PR on its toes and keeps us focused on meeting our performance goals every single month. We are so confident we can meet our performance objectives, that we are willing to take clients without forcing them to sign a long term contract.