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Online Press Release: The Best Kept Secret for Sales and Lead Generation

Online Press Release: The Best Kept Secret for Sales and Lead Generation

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The Best-Kept Secret for Sales Lead Generation

When you want information for generating sales and quality leads, where do you go? If you answered the Internet, you’re in good company. In addition to newspapers and trade magazines, people are getting information online.

In fact, Yahoo! News and Google News – the News Search Engines – have a larger audience than CNN or the BBC.

People go online to find information before the buy. Even when they buy in a store or from another business, they go to the Internet to make their decision about you and your product.

When they are searching online they are good sales leads.

The News Engines accept press releases as a news source like any other. When you have your press release published in the News Engines, you have access to not only the largest audience–it’s also one that is actively looking for data on your subject.

When someone accesses your press release in a News Engine on a relevant keyword you know they are interested–they asked for the topic. They are hot, qualified, sales leads.

And the News wire services can give you a report on exactly how many people accessed your release, how many clicked through to your website, and if you are running good statistics on your site you can track them through your site as well.

An optimized press release will get you a page one result for your relevant keywords in the News Engines. Optimized online press releases generate qualified sales leads because the people reading your online press releases are interested prospects.

Your audience is reading news in the News Engines. With good keyword research and a good story, you can get their attention and interest and generate sales leads. But you better hurry, because your competition is catching on fast.

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