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Permission Based E-Article Program Generates Pre-Qualified Leads

Permission Based E-Article Program Generates Pre-Qualified Leads

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Permission-Based E-Article Program Description

Here is the program description in which Power PR can generate pre-qualified leads in the following manner. We reach multiple markets, and we are the only company in North America accomplishing this level of lead generation. We achieve this through the following process in which we have extensive experience and superior ability.

Prospect List Compilation
Prospect List Compilation – We research your list of potential buyers. We get an in-depth understanding of what you do; we understand your product – and the different markets you can go after. We then research through an extensive list of potential markets, starting with markets you want to go after and, in appropriate cases, expand beyond that to markets that can buy your product. Due to this extensive research, we get customers who are a good fit and can buy your product. You will approve this list of potential markets before sending it.

E-Press Release Creation
Part of this research includes the creation of the correct header and body of the email that will generate a compelled response from the buyer based on the specific information they have received about YOU. In other words, we research the needs of your buyer and then present them with information exactly the way they need to see to make a buying decision.

Third-Party Endorsement
Third-Party Endorsements are someone else saying how great you are, instead of a traditional ad, considered “bragging” and not credible. We compile with your customers a testimonial to include in your email campaign. So the first thing your prospect receives is a description from your customer of how great you are. This pre-qualifies and pre-sells your lead.

Email Promotion Sending
We will create and distribute e-articles monthly. When a lead is generated, you will get the actual email reply, including the email address and all the data we have internally on the file, including name, address, phone number, email, website, and company name. Due to the nature of email, this is not always available. However, 90% of the time, you will get all contact data.

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