Trade Publication - Strikehold Law Enforcement Gun Maintenance

Upcoming Trade Publication || StrikeHold® For Critical Law Enforcement Gun Maintenance

U.S. Law Enforcement. Strikehold.

U.S. Law Enforcement. Strikehold.

StrikeHold® is set to unveil new information about its unique gun cleaner and lubricant in an upcoming trade publication. Proper gun maintenance is paramount for law enforcement officers who depend on firearms for their safety and the well-being of the public. While traditional solvents and oil-based lubricants might fall short, leaving guns vulnerable to corrosion and contamination, StrikeHold® offers a groundbreaking solution. Developed originally for the military, it’s now gaining traction among U.S. law enforcement agencies and revolutionizing firearm maintenance standards with its exceptional features.

StrikeHold® Key Features

Superior Protection: StrikeHold® is a unique gun cleaner and lubricant that offers unmatched protection against corrosion, carbon residue, and contaminants. Its application creates a hard finish that safeguards firearms in all weather conditions.

Battle-Tested Performance: Developed for the U.S. military, StrikeHold® has been extensively tested on various weapons systems, from pistols to tanks. Its reliability and effectiveness have made it a trusted choice for demanding military operations.

Testimonials from Law Enforcement: Sgt. Joe Whitehead from the Venice Police Department in Florida attests to the reduction in dry firearms and malfunctions due to oil issues after using StrikeHold®. Mike Jolly from the Highlands Police Department in North Carolina describes it as the best all-around weapon cleaner on the market for law enforcement.

Wet Application and Fast Drying: StrikeHold® is applied while wet and forms a protective film upon drying. This shield-like film prevents carbon build-up, contaminants, and corrosion, ensuring optimal firearm performance.

Cleaning Power: StrikeHold® acts as a powerful cleaner, removing firing residues, gum build-up, and foreign debris from weapon components. It keeps firearms in top condition, eliminating potential malfunctions.

Friction Reduction: The synthetic-based additives in StrikeHold® act as microscopic ball-bearings, significantly reducing friction within the firearm’s moving parts. This results in improved accuracy, reliability, and smoother operation.

Simplifying Firearm Maintenance: StrikeHold® addresses the time-consuming nature of gun maintenance, making it easier for law enforcement officers to prioritize regular cleanings. It streamlines the process while extending the lifespan of firearms.

Future of Law Enforcement Gun Maintenance

StrikeHold® has emerged as the future of law enforcement gun maintenance, offering unmatched protection, reliability, and ease of use. Law enforcement agencies across the United States are to be adopting this revolutionary product, recognizing its transformative impact on firearm performance. With its battle-tested heritage and glowing testimonials from officers, StrikeHold® is set to become a staple in law enforcement trade publications.

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