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Beyond Automation: Professional Writers Elevating Marketing and PR Strategies Above AI Tools

Beyond Automation: Professional Writers Elevating Marketing and PR Strategies Above AI Tools

AI Tools Generating articles, blogs, emails, etc. for PR and Marketing Purposes

In recent years, the use of AI tools in various industries, including PR and marketing, has gained significant attention. While AI can provide some assistance in certain areas, there are also limitations to what it can do – and that’s where working with industry experts comes in. AI-driven tools, especially those which target businesses through the generation of blogs, articles, and emails, have promised to revolutionize content creation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of working with professional writers over using AI tools when it comes to PR and marketing. We’ll discuss why they can see a better return on investment ROI by taking advantage of customer testimonials, SEO optimization, and marketing strategies – all things that an AI tool simply cannot do.

Jeff Elliott, President of Power PR

In my recent interview with Jeff Elliott, President of Power PR and a veteran writer of 31 years, we explored the groundbreaking topic of AI-generated content. As we touched on its potential drawbacks, it became clear that relying exclusively on such technology leaves a lot to be desired. While AI can certainly add value to the content creation process, there’s no substitute for the unique perspectives, creativity, and expertise that professional writers bring to the table. As Elliott puts it, Power PR delivers an unbeatable difference by elevating content quality through a writer’s experience, skill, and industry-specific knowledge. This is especially true in the hyper-competitive landscape of content marketing, where “standing out from the crowd is the key to success.”

AI tools search the internet for relevant information and data to generate responses to user prompts and questions. According to Elliott, these resources cannot provide companies with insightful and dependable data on which to build effective PR and marketing strategies. Their lack of accuracy, detail and reliability ultimately diminishes their value. In addition, the “data for some companies and industries doesn’t exist yet, meaning AI tools can’t find the answers with discovery, interviews, and examination.” Power PR offers a unique approach to PR, called Performance-Based Publicity. This tailored method allows clients to partner with specialists who build a solid foundation of knowledge around their product, company, and brand, with a high level of input and participation.

The Potential and Limitations of AI Tools

AI tools cannot substitute the human element in marketing and PR. Though they can generate decent articles for rather simple topics, they cannot connect with clients, create industry-tailored content, adapt to an ever-changing market, or optimize SEO. Professional writers, conversely, provide crucial expertise and experience. Asking questions is a vital skill that allows specialists, such as professional writers, to obtain the necessary information from clients. It empowers individuals to clarify their understanding and helps to ensure they achieve the desired outcome for clients. Asking the right questions can help to facilitate effective communication and build stronger relationships. The best communicators are those who ask insightful and relevant questions, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving. For example, if a new company in the aerospace industry wishes to promote its business through industry-specific publications, it’s doubtful an AI tool would accomplish the task. That being said, AI tools can still prove useful in gathering existing information, writing short emails, or producing image descriptions. While AI tools lend a hand, they may not produce quality content for complex or nuanced topics.

The Value of Human Expertise

Professional writers bring a level of expert comprehension and strategic thinking to the table that AI tools simply cannot replicate. Whereas AI generates output solely based on prompted questions and previously existing information given by a user, seasoned writers can deeply understand the vision of a story or writing project before putting pen to paper – a daunting feat for even the most intuitive machines. Besides their impressive understanding of purpose and storyline, professional writers have a unique talent for identifying and articulating the unique selling points, benefits, and key differentiating factors of a product or service. This skill is valuable when dealing with clients who may not have a well-defined idea of what they want their writing to convey.

Comprehension and Connection

Creating effective and engaging content requires a deep understanding of a brand’s industry, driven by genuine relationships and exceptional experiences. Compelling content, tailored to captivate and retain the attention of target audiences, is priceless for fostering business growth. By leveraging professional writers with personalized expertise, who are adept at asking insightful questions and extracting essential information, paves the way for creating high-quality content that speaks to these needs with precision and authenticity.

While AI tools can offer useful insights, their current capabilities do not match the nuanced finesse of a professional writer that can make meaningful connections. Mastering the art of content creation requires insight, a comprehension of the industry, and extensive experience in crafting compelling content. Writing for industry specific companies involves making a host of crucial decisions like product positioning, differentiation from competition, and alignment with editorial guidelines for trade media publications. Each one of these elements requires the writer’s finesse and the right touch, which is something AI tools still struggle to achieve.

Understanding Human Language

Trade publications are an example of when AI tools can fail to deliver quality content because of a lack of comprehension. These publications often use complex industry-specific terminology, which can be difficult for AI systems to fully understand and interpret. This can lead to inaccuracies or misinterpretations in reporting. In an article from Forbes, they explain that while AI can analyze large amounts of data and detect patterns, it still struggles to fully understand the complexity and nuance of human language. These struggles can lead to inaccurate interpretations of user intent and potentially irrelevant results impacting your business.

The Role of AI in SEO and Credibility

In the world of content marketing, the best use for AI tools may be as an aid to professional writers, but must also be used with caution, as they are only as good as the data they’ve been fed. Elliott’s example demonstrates that if an AI system is provided or trained with low-quality data, the output it generates will also lack quality. Working with marketing and PR firms with industry specialists, such as Power PR, who are trained in interviewing clients for onboarding can ensure product information and data is high-quality and specific to your business. Some AI technologies are still limited and cannot create truly unique content that inspires readers to learn more about your business and products.

SEO and AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content has raised concerns regarding its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). While AI-generated content may currently add some SEO value, it is important to understand that search engines like Google still expect high-quality content. This means all content is required to meet certain standards for ranking based on their algorithms. Organized, credible, and creative content that has been researched and composed according to these standards will rank with better results.

Forbes argues that while AI can help to automate certain tasks and streamline SEO processes, it should be viewed as a tool rather than a complete solution for all SEO problems. Human expertise and input is still necessary for successful optimization efforts. This highlights the importance of genuine, well-crafted content, which holds more credibility and can withstand the constant changes in search engine algorithms.

The Need for Specificity and Uniqueness

AI tools work by rephrasing existing information and repackaging it to fit the given prompt, effectively customizing responses. Sometimes this can be a blog, article, email, or even into a story. While they may improve grammar or make slight modifications, AI tools struggle to handle the more specialized aspects of marketing content. A report by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University found that while AI can be useful in identifying patterns and generating insights from large amounts of data, it still requires human judgment and expertise to ensure accuracy and relevance. Tow Center also highlighted the potential for bias in AI systems, which can lead to unintended consequences in reporting. When clients require articles that highlight the uniqueness and benefits of their products, AI tools often fall short. They rely on pre-existing information available on the internet, which may not encompass the specific details or differentiators that make a product stand out.

Hence, the reason many businesses collaborate with experienced PR and marketing firms is to create exclusive, tailor-made content. Research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has established that even though AI could automate some tasks, such as data analysis and fact-checking, it finds it problematic with more intricate tasks, like comprehension of context and interpretation of emotions. Reuters found AI-generated writing may lack the originality and innovativeness that distinguishes remarkable writing. Distinguished writers can pay attention to details, exercise critical thinking, and make informed decisions based on their vast experience to create compelling marketing content.

Experienced, Professional Writers at a PR and Marketing Firm Creating High-Quality Industry-Specific Trade MediaWorking with Marketing and PR Firms

In the absence of online information, AI tools are limited in their ability to provide insights on businesses, industries, or market trends. This highlights the importance of partnering with an established marketing and PR firm that can deliver a well-crafted, results-driven strategy for growing businesses and building brand recognition. Experienced marketing and PR firms bring valuable human expertise and proven experience to the table, creating custom content that effectively communicates product benefits, highlights differentiation, and captivates target audiences.

Customer Testimonials

Industry professionals know that customer testimonials are a crucial contributor to a company’s credibility. These endorsements can inspire the content that resonates with the audience and works to build trust between brands and potential customers.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that without the vital information already existing, AI tools cannot generate what’s needed for this type of content. Generating customer testimonials is not a task for AI tools as it requires interviews, product reviews, third-party endorsements, and more. Unlike machines, professional writers have the experience and discipline to craft them by using building blocks of information; they can turn this information into customer testimonials that highlight key factors about a product or a company.

Providing clients with customer testimonials means diving deeper into products, planning out an approach, and working closely with the client in their industry to craft a message that will resonate with the customer. The process can involve well-thought-out strategies to create the perfect message that positively reflects the brand and increases the chances of conversion. Taking the time to understand the product, the client’s industry, and the specific needs of the customer will undoubtedly lead to better results. It shows a level of care that resonates with customers and instills confidence in the product, solidifying brand credibility and driving sales.

Industry-Specific Trade Media

When it comes to using AI for writing articles, it can offer potential, but there are certain limitations that clients need to consider. While AI tools can quickly generate articles, the responsibility of publishing and promoting still lies with the clients. AI tools do not provide a solution for connecting with editors or leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals in the industry, such as Power PR. By working with experts at PR and marketing firms to create content such as industry-specific trade media, clients can maximize their reach, establish meaningful connections, and make a lasting impact in their respective industries.

At Power PR, Elliott emphasizes the unique value of media relations, press releases, and industry-specific trade articles from their industry specialists. These tasks require a deep understanding of the industry landscape and the ability to craft stories that resonate with consumers and businesses in the target market. Seasoned experts possess the skills and experience necessary to capture attention and generate interest from the intended audience, elevating a business’s PR and marketing efforts to new heights. This level of expertise is something that only industry professionals can deliver, going beyond what AI tools alone can achieve.

Experience and Quality for Success

AI tools offer convenience and efficiency in generating content for generic topics or straightforward tasks. However, when it comes to creating unique, engaging, and strategically focused content for marketing purposes, AI tools have significant limitations. Power PR distinguishes itself by providing experience, uniqueness, and creating tailored content that effectively communicates product benefits, differentiation, and engages target audiences for their clients.

While AI tools offer convenience and efficiency in generating content for generic topics or straightforward tasks, they have limitations when it comes to creating unique, engaging, and strategically focused content for PR and marketing purposes. As Jeff Elliott from Power PR reminds us, the value of a professional writer’s experience and expertise in industry-specific content creation and strategic decision-making cannot be replicated by AI tools alone. To ensure the creation of impactful PR and marketing content, partnering with a marketing and PR firm that understands the importance of your business’s needs is crucial.


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